Enlist your community members, supporters, and fans to market your brand

The Power of Bounty Cow Campaigns

Inspire your Loyal Supporters

Your supporters feel more connected with your brand after they do promotional tasks for you. This is known as the Ben Franklin Effect: people like others better after they have performed favors and work for them.

4x More Conversions

Brand shoutouts and recommendations from regular people to their personal networks drive 4 times more engagements and conversions than traditional advertising.

Keep Money in your Community

Henry Ford famously doubled wages of his factory workers, and they used that money to purchase Model T cars. When you pay your supporters to market your brand, they often use that money to buy back into your brand.

Browse Current Campaigns

View some of the latest brands that joined Bounty Cow, and complete their marketing task to earn their rewards. Register to browse through all available campaigns.


Let's mix money with our social interactions. Bela powers Belacam, a social media economy for photo sharing. See our website at LiveBela.com.

Try it out!

Bounty Cow is a platform that offers its services for free to both brands and individuals. If you have a brand you want to promote, try making a Bounty Cow campaign now.

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