Our Approach

Standard marketing takes your money and puts it in the pockets of big businesses like Facebook, YouTube, or wherever else you run your ads. Instead, you should be putting your marketing budget to your community of supporters, paying them to leverage their social channels to promote your product.

Our Story

We run a cryptocurrency called Bela, and to engage our community, we wanted to run a "bounty campaign." Most bounty campaigns in the cryptocurrency community are run informally through forums and private messaging, which causes a lot of friction between the brand and individuals. We built Bounty Cow to simplify our own process of crowdsourced marketing, and we're offering the platform for everyone else to use as well.

Meet the Team

Tyler Marx

Co-founder & CEO

NFIB Top 100 Young Entrepreneur


Tanner Roughton

Co-founder and COO

Dropped out of college to build startups that improve the lives of everyday people


What is Bela?

Bounty Cow was initially built for us to run bounty campaigns for our own cryptocurrency: Bela. Although we decided to release the platform for everyone to use, you should still check Bela out!

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