Make a YouTube Video

Create a 1+ minute YouTube video in your language about BELA or Belacam. Choose any or all of the following topics:

1. How to use Belacam and how to earn money on it – Show your followers how to share original photos, refer real friends, and more on Show them how to give likes to other users, interact, and make friends. This is a good way to get more Belacam followers!

2. Why you should trade BELA – Talk to your followers about why BELA is a fun coin to trade. Talk about BELA charts, its story, and its future as an asset. Refer users to to trade BELA. Encourage users to talk in the trollboxes about BELA and Belacam.

3. How to stake BELA and why to stake BELA – Show your followers how to stake BELA and earn a monthly interest on your holding. This is a great way to earn a passive income and become involved in BELA for the long-term. Feel free to follow this guide if you need help: You can make another video later about how to claim the stake!


Let's mix money with our social interactions. Bela powers Belacam, a social media economy for photo sharing. See our website at

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